Vaastu Remedies

Vaastu !! Does Vaastu Work !

Vaastu is an ancient Indian knowledge of placement which has its roots in various ancient scriptures.

Vishwakarma the celestial architect is regarded as the father of Vastu Shastra and description of Vastu Purusha Mandala is mentioned in his treatise Vishwakarma Prakash

The construction of a place in line with the principles elements of nature brings in positive energies and helps to reduce the negative energies. Everything in the Universe is considered to be made up of energy and channelizing these energies through balancing of the five main elements seem is what is aimed at by Vastu Shastra.

Is Vaastu a science is often debated, however there are numerous arguments which states that Vaastu principles when followed give consistent results. Shouldn’t any principle when applied if it gives consistent results be treated as science ? Will leave it for you to decide.

Vaastu can be quite perplexing for many individuals because of numerous requirements and complexities involved. This however can be simplified in one and only one simple argument – “Worry only if you are worried”. i.e. go about seeking Vaastu remedies only if you have a specific need or problem to address. Just because you want a house to be Vaastu perfect should not drive you towards Vaastu experts. Nature has its own way to deal with all objects, energies and everything around us. There are millions of permutations and combinations that just cannot be worked out which suits all requirements/placements. If anyone says that he can get you a vastu perfect house, is just testing his Vastu skills to bring him more fortune…Most of the times, things should be left to Nature itself to balance its effects out . Approach a Vaastu advisor only if you have a basic question or solution to which you need to answer.

The Five Elements

Going into a little more detail, Vaastu is simply an attempt to bring the five basic elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Space and Metal) in balance to each other. Any element if enhanced or reduced within a location will have effect on that household. If we agree that there are energies around us then it is not difficult to absorb that these energies will also have some or the other effect on us. Let’s not forget the reason why we are able to walk on this beautiful planet Earth. It is because of an energy called Gravity. In fact energies from objects as far as the moon or even the Sun has an effect on us. The tides in oceans are a result of Moon’s gravitational pull. All these are documented and accepted scientific facts. If these are facts, then assuming that energies within the earth or within the household will not affect its inhabitants doesn’t sound quite logical!

Earth : Earth is solid. Earth is considered to bring in more stability, balance, maturity, calmness in life. If the earth element is in a state of balance it induces stability in life by creating a sense of harmony and peace with respect to your attributes or desired outcomes.

Air : Air is associated with movement and represents change or growth. It is considered to bring in the quality allowing a person to take risks and bring joy and happiness in life. It also enables one to bring in more meetings with people or create circumstances that facilitate growth

Water : Water is associated with free flow, creation of new concepts and ideas. When water is balanced it is argued to be creating a more philosophical, spiritual, balanced attitude in one’s life.

Fire : Fire brings power, strength, zeal and is equated with earning capacity and money thus enhancing ‘fire in the belly’ meaning driving force behind all actions. When balanced it brings fame and success.

Space: Space represents enhancement and expansion. When space is balanced it is considered to bring a sense of direction, precise knowledge and awareness to help you in your daily life.

Vaastu in its own magical way has an impact of all walks of life. If you have Relationship Problem then a certain area in your house needs to be looked at. If you have money problems then a different area needs to be looked at. If you have health issues then another are and likewise. Different energies at various permutation combinations have varied effects on its inhabitants.

Often many people ask if Vastu Shastra brings prosperity. Whether or not Vastu Shastra is directly linked with prosperity can be argued but what is a fact is that Vastu suggests ways in which we can live in tune with the laws of nature so that we can be healthy and peaceful and work efficiently. The ancient texts of Vastu Shastra have probably claimed to bring prosperity, as an indirect consequence of being able to perform well at home and work.

Vaastu Query :

If you feel that there are any pressing matters in your life for which you need some solution, then I welcome you to contact me to enquire about Vaastu solutions.

Do you have problems with Money: If you have problems with money, it is most likely related to imbalances in your North or West.

Do you have problems in getting Promotion/Job opportunities: If you have problems with not getting promotion at work or not getting your desired job opportunities, then it is most likely related to imbalances in your North or South.

Do you have Anger/Emotional problems: Emotions related problems are most likely caused due to imbalances in your South.

Do you have Health issues: If you have problems with your health, it could be most likely due to imbalances in your North and East. However you should under all circumstances consult and continue to consult a qualified physician for your ailments and regular/follow up check-up’s.

Do you have Relationship Issues: If you have problems in your marriage, eg. not getting married, stress in relationship, family disputes, etc. then it is more likely due to imbalances in your South and West

Do you have problems in Studies: If you have problems in your studies, you are not able to grasp your study material, getting distracted during studies, studying hard but not getting results, etc. then it is more likely due to imbalances in your South and West.

Vaastu Solutions and Remedies

As per Vaastu, all common problems are due to imbalances in your dwelling energies. These imbalances once treated will lead to growth of positive vibes and energies and help you overcome the associated problems. The key is balancing of the elemental energies.

I would strongly recommend you that you do not consider Vasstu solutions as your only remedial solutions to work with. You should continue to deal with your problems through expert professionals eg. Doctor, Psychiatrist, Financial Planner, Marriage Counselor, etc., and should only consider Vaastu as your secondary add-on advisor. Please do not under any circumstances, in the name of Vaastu consultancy, shun away from your primary responsibility to obtain professional advice from related field experts.

Vaastu solutions need not be asking you to move your bedroom or kitchen or to stop using your toilets. Vaastu solutions comes in all shapes and sizes and more often than not they are extremely simple and within a common man’s one day budget. Vaastu solutions could be as simple as re-arranging furniture in your house, or adding some flowers in your house, or adding and paintings in your house.

Please feel free to contact us to enquire more details on Vaastu solutions and remedies.

Wishing you all the more Wealth, Health and Happiness in Life

Disclaimer : Do note this post is by no way supposed to be considered as Vaastu advisory. For Vaastu advisory you need to consult a Vaastu expert.  All liabilities are hereby expressly disclaimed

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