Photoshop – Keyboard shortcuts

  • Default Colors: D (black and white)
  • Flip Foreground and Background colors: X
  • Rotate View: R (Make sure OpenGL setting is turned on in your preferences)
  • Move around image: (hand Tool) Hold Spacebar
  • Save As: Ctrl Shift S
  • Save for Web: Ctrl Shift Alt S
  • Undo: Ctrl Z
  • Step back: Ctrl Alt Z (lets you keep going back)
  • Stamp Visible: Ctrl Shift Alt E
  • Hide selection: Ctrl H
  • Fullscreen: F
  • Inverse: Shift Ctrl I (for selections)
  • Select All: Ctrl A
  • Deselect: Ctrl D
  • Select Layer: Ctrl Click on Thumb
  • Brush Opacity: 1-0
  • Brush Flow:Shift + 1-0
  • Brush Larger: ]
  • Brush Smaller: [
  • Brush Harder: Shift ]
  • Brush Softer: Shift [
  • Levels: Ctrl L
  • Hue/Sat: Ctrl U
  • Curves: Ctrl M
  • Select: Ctrl Click on thumb
  • Temporarily disable: Shift Click on Thumb
  • Show black and white: Alt Click on Thumb
  • Show quick mask display: Q
  • Fill with Foreground: Alt Del
  • Fill with BG Color: Ctrl Del
  • Fill Dialogue: Shift Del
  • Invert: Ctrl I
  • Delete Layer: Delete
  • Transform: Ctrl T
  • New Layer: Ctrl Shift Alt N
  • Duplicate Layer, or if selection is active, Duplicate Selection: Ctrl J
  • Transform menu: right click on layer, Ctrl T
  • Step and Repeat: Ctrl Alt T(first step), Ctrl Alt Shift T (second step)
  • Move Layer Up: Ctrl ]
  • Move Layer Down: Ctrl [
  • Move Layer to Top: Ctrl Shift ]
  • Move Layer to Bottom: Ctrl Shift [
  • Group Layers: Ctrl G
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