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Photoshop – Keyboard shortcuts

Default Colors: D (black and white) Flip Foreground and Background colors: X Rotate View: R (Make sure OpenGL setting is turned on in your preferences) Move around image: (hand Tool) Hold Spacebar Save As: Ctrl Shift S Save for Web: … Continue reading

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Vaastu Remedies

Vaastu !! Does Vaastu Work ! Vaastu is an ancient Indian knowledge of placement which has its roots in various ancient scriptures. Vishwakarma the celestial architect is regarded as the father of Vastu Shastra and description of Vastu Purusha Mandala … Continue reading

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Reinsurance Agreement – Must Have’s

Hi There, {Disclaimer : This post is not intended to be a legal or expert advise or consultation. Please refer to your lawyer/legal department for legal advise/consultation. All liabilities are hereby expressly disclaimed} So if you work with an Insurance … Continue reading

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